Warehouse Wi-Fi

Enterprise Warehouse Wi-Fi

Warehouse Wi-Fi

At Nexus Globalnet we deliver dependable and flexible enterprise Wi-Fi for all sectors including the logistics industry. We understand that logistics and especially warehouses can present a challenge for connectivity and permanent solutions. We realise that the many rows of metal racking, high densities of metal, liquids, and other products as well as fluctuating stock levels can lead to poor network connectivity if your Wi-Fi is not correctly installed.

We develop permanent solutions tailored to logistics and warehousing

We develop permanent solutions that keep you connected while delivering on value and on cost. We have deployed robust and flexible Wi-Fi solutions in warehouses across the UK and we combine this experience with our trusted approach to creating the best enterprise Wi-Fi solution for you. We create solutions that deliver on value and cost by:

Visiting your business and completing a site survey

Planning your permanent solution

Delivering a solution tailored to your budget

Working to your pre-determined timescales

Using our vendor independence to recommend the best option for you

Training your staff in maintaining your Wi-Fi network

Supporting you post-deployment if required

We create enterprise Wi-Fi solutions that are fully scalable for your warehouse

The enterprise Wi-Fi solutions that we develop are fully scalable and highly configurable.

Not only that but we create solutions that expand to your network as you grow.

Our permanent solutions can deliver:

Connections for scanners for stock control and order picking

Outdoor point-to-point links to connect warehouses

A single hotspot

A single wireless deployment

Full wireless deployment

Fully scaleable Wi-Fi networks

Multiple network availability

Secure and compliant Wi-Fi networks

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