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BT and TalkTalk appeal DEA judicial reviewBT and TalkTalk have confirmed they are launching an appeal after losing their judicial review of the Digital Economy Act (DEA).

The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) won the right to a review on the controversial legislation back in November, which would see illegal filesharers getting their internet connections cut off.

However, their claims the Act went against the EU Electronic Commerce Directive and the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive were dismissed by the High Court in April, with Mr Justice Kenneth Parker claiming no directives had been breached.

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eBay asks Ofcom to up mobile broadband game

Online auction giant eBay has called on Ofcom to help improve mobile network connectivity, claiming poor coverage was damaging the UK economy.

The nation is missing out on £1.3 billion of consumer spending as poor networks put people off shopping via their mobile devices, eBay commissioned research claimed.

The study suggested 16 per cent of the UK did not have adequate hot spots for shopping. In these areas, people spent at least 20 per cent less than the national average.

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