Outdoor Wi-Fi

Outdoor & PtP Wi-Fi

Outdoor Wi-Fi

At Nexus Globalnet we deliver dependable and flexible outdoor wireless solutions for all sectors. We understand that outdoor Wi-Fi solutions have their own range of challenges and can not only be expensive but provide poor connectivity for you and your customers. We realise that one Wi-Fi solution does not fit all and a tailored permanent solution is always necessary. We deliver Wi-Fi solutions for:

Camp sites

Caravan sites


Outdoor events

Building to building and remote office connections


Permanent outdoor solutions

We understand that each outdoor Wi-Fi requirement will need its own permanent solution that delivers on value and on cost. We deploy robust and flexible Wi-Fi solutions with connectivity speeds that deliver in urban or rural locations. We combine our experience with our trusted approach to create the best permanent enterprise Wi-Fi solution or temporary Wi-Fi solution for you. We create solutions that deliver on value and cost by:

Visiting your business and complete a site survey

Planning your permanent solution

Delivering a solution tailored to your budget

Working to your pre-determined timescales

Using our vendor independence to recommend the best option for you

Training your staff in maintaining your Wi-Fi network

Supporting you post-deployment if required


Keeping you connected

The outdoor Wi-Fi solutions that we develop are fully scalable and highly configurable. Not only that but we create solutions that expand to your network as you grow. Our permanent solutions can deliver:

Point-to-Point links to connect buildings/locations up to several miles apart

WISP carrier backbones

LAN extensions

Rural broadband

Urban municipal networks for single and multiple hotspots

Business connectivity


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