Nexus Deliver Presidential Standard Wi-Fi At Inclusive Capitalism Event

Inclusive Capitalism President Clinton

Nexus Deliver Presidential Standard Wi-Fi At Inclusive Capitalism Event

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Nexus were commissioned by The Presentation Factor to deliver a Wi-Fi network for the Inclusive Capitalism event, held at the Mansion House, London on June 26th.


The Inclusive Capitalism website describes Inclusive Capitalism as:


“a global effort to restore capitalism as an engine of broadly shared prosperity. Together we can achieve this through business and investment practices that extend the opportunities and benefits of our economic system to everyone.”


We were presented with several challenges, one being the listed status of the building, making running cables and mounting APs more of a consideration than usual. In usual Nexus style, we embraced all challenges and overcame them to deploy a robust Wi-Fi network fit for a king! Well, the future king at least, as Prince Charles was scheduled to attend but his speech was presented via recorded video.


There were other heavyweights in attendance from the world of business, politics and religion, such as Mark Carney the Governor of the Bank of England, President Clinton the 42nd President of The United States and Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Inclusive Capitalism

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