Happy New Year to you all! We hope that you enjoyed the Christmas break and that 2016 is starting off well for you all. At Nexus we always find the start of the year a time to reflect (as well as get back into gear) and for us 2015 was definitely the year of the event Wi-Fi.  A presidential event Wi-Fi success!  We have developed specialist Wi-Fi...

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A few people have been asking us how we did the WiFi at BCL7, held at the IBM offices on Southbank, London 24-25th October 2009. So here are the details.

Our initial site survey identified a lot of existing WiFi devices in the area, all creating their own RF interference. For this deployment to work we needed hardware that could cope with constantly changing environments with people moving from room to room, and enough coverage to cope with the expected capacity demands. After all, BarCamp’s are the type of event where everyone will be wanting a connection, at some time or another!

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