Broadband Powerline Comes to the Caravan Club

Broadband Powerline Comes to the Caravan Club

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Nexus Globalnet were tasked by Timico, a unified communications service provider, with delivering a solution to extend the wireless coverage at Crystal Palace Caravan Club Site.
Crystal Palace Caravan Club Site

Our Solution

Our initial survey identified a major issue with RF interference from the Crystal Palace Transmitter which prohibited the deployment of an effective wireless network. Looking at alternative methods of delivery we decided on Broadband Powerline from Corinex Communications, the world’s largest system integrator and manufacturer of BPL In-Home and Enterprise hardware.After performing a full site survey we deployed a High Density Gateway at each of the three Fused Distribution Units in the park, and one at the main electrical input. The Broadband line was then combined onto the electrical medium and delivered to every power bollard across the park.

Crystal Palace Transmitter

What is BPL?

Broadband over Power Line technology makes high-speed Internet access over ordinary electrical lines or coaxial cable possible. BPL offers an alternative to wireless or can be used with wireless in a hybrid solution.

BPL works on a similar principle to DSL technology. Computer network information can be transmitted over the lines using signaling frequencies higher than the electrical (or voice in the case of DSL) signals. Taking advantage of otherwise unused transmission capability of the wires, computer data can be sent back and forth across the BPL network with no disruption to power output or TV signal.

Many people do not think of their electrical system as a network. However, after installing some BPL equipment, standard 13A sockets can in fact serve as network connection points, and networks can be run at speeds of 100 to 200 Mbps with full Internet access.

Corinex AV200Where Can it Be Used?

  •     Multi-Dwelling Units
  •     Student Halls of Residence
  •     Listed Buildings where structured cabling is not an option
  •     Construction sites
  •     Warehouses
  •     Festivals and outdoor events
  •     Trade shows

These are just some examples of where BPL can be used.

If you would like to discuss BPL further, please get in touch via our Contact Us page or call us on 0845 527 8761.

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