BPL at Canute Haulage, Gamston Airfield, Retford

BPL at Canute Haulage, Gamston Airfield, Retford

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The Canute Group continue to be one of the fastest growing, global supply chain providers operating today.

One of their UK operational centers required networking between two warehouse buildings. The existing network terminated at Warehouse One, however, there was a requirement to access the LAN and Internet at Warehouse Three (see map below). After a full site survey Nexus installed a BPL solution to network the warehouses together.


Canute Warehouse One Gamston

Canute Warehouse Three Gamston

Using Corinex HD Gateways, data was combined onto the power grid and delivered to each warehouses, creating a network, thereby allowing users to access Internet services. This removed the need for costly time consuming and disruptive cable laying between warehouses, and negated the possibility of any interference of wireless bridge links by high sided vehicles or yard operations.

HD Gateway for Warehouse Three

HD Gateway Warehouse One

If you would like to discuss how Nexus can help with your wireless or BPL networking needs, please get in touch by contacting us through our contact page at http://www.nexusglobalnet.com or alternatively email info@nexusglobalnet.com.

For more information on the Canute Group please visit http://www.canutegroup.com/

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