July 2015

Inclusive Capitalism President Clinton

Nexus were commissioned by The Presentation Factor to deliver a Wi-Fi network for the Inclusive Capitalism event, held at the Mansion House, London on June 26th. The Inclusive Capitalism website describes Inclusive Capitalism as:  "a global effort to restore capitalism as an engine of broadly shared prosperity. Together we can achieve this through business and investment practices that extend the opportunities and benefits of our economic system...

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BattleHack Countdown Timer

June saw us travel to Berlin to deploy the wired and Wi-Fi networks for BattleHack. This was the first time I'd spent any time in Berlin, having skirted round it on a few occasions on my way to Austria skiing, however, my colleague had spent some time there years before. We were able to explore Berlin before and after BattleHack, but you really need a...

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