If 2015 was the year of event Wi-Fi, 2016 will be the year of…?

If 2015 was the year of event Wi-Fi, 2016 will be the year of…?

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Happy New Year to you all! We hope that you enjoyed the Christmas break and that 2016 is starting off well for you all. At Nexus we always find the start of the year a time to reflect (as well as get back into gear) and for us 2015 was definitely the year of the event Wi-Fi.


A presidential event Wi-Fi success!


We have developed specialist Wi-Fi solutions for a range of clients in education, hospitality and warehousing as well as delivering intelligent IP surveillance solutions and flexible telecoms over the course of the past year. However when we look back on 2015 the majority of the work we have delivered has been Wi-Fi for events, conferences and seminars.


It has been a pleasure to continue to work with our valued clients who we have been delivering bespoke Wi-Fi solutions for their corporate events. This year has seen us continue to work with Silicon Milkroundabout at their first event North of the border in Edinburgh as well as their events in London.


2015 also saw us announce our partnership with PayPal and Braintree_Dev. We have developed airtight Wi-Fi networks for their global Battlehack events. We were incredibly lucky to travel from Raleigh in North Carolina to Athens in Greece to Berlin in Germany to deliver their bespoke Wi-Fi solution.


Not only that but 2015 has been the year that has seen us deliver event Wi-Fi at corporate events for not one but two presidents! We were lucky enough to meet the 42nd President of The United States, Bill Clinton, at the Inclusive Capitalism event held at The Mansion House in London where we were commissioned to deliver event Wi-Fi. Our attention to detail and quality of service led to us being commissioned for our second presidential event of the year the Chinese Presidential State Visit held at The Mansion House.


While we aren’t sure if 2016 will hold quite as many presidential Wi-Fi events we are looking forward to delivering Wi-Fi solutions for a range of corporate events throughout the year.


Looking ahead for the rest of 2016


While we might not know what Wi-Fi challenges will come through our door in 2016 we do know the extensive developments we are putting in place in-house to ensure our response will be better than ever.


At Nexus Globalnet we are looking forward to moving to new offices in Suffolk which will enable us to grow our team. It is the perfect time for us to grow our team and bring on new experiences to strengthen our already extensive expertise.


We’ll bring you more details of our new offices and team members in the future. This growth will help us to deliver new Wi-Fi products and services for you and for new customers. We’re very excited about the new year and the upcoming months and what Wi-Fi solutions they will bring for you and for us.


Want to know more?


If you can’t wait for the latest news on our blog or twitter on how our plans for 2016 are developing then please call us on 01473 858687 or get in touch via our Contact Us page and we can tell you more about our new Wi-Fi products and services.


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